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Tricky expressions

Today, we want to focus on four words –
wohl, tja, and ja – that can be very
to express in English.

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Tricky expressions
How about a bratwurst?

Hot dogs are an American staple,
in New York. So, next time
you’re in the US,
this is how you can
order a hot dog in English.

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How about a bratwurst?
Sharp, shrewd, or insightful?

We all know some intelligent people
and want
to let them know just
how smart they are.
Let’s talk about
the words we use to describe

someone’s intelligence.

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Sharp, shrewd, or insightful?
The light is on, but nobody’s home

No matter how you say it, calling
“dumb” or “stupid” isn’t really
polite or proper.
Let’s talk about how
to call someone “dumb”
in a nice way —
the right way.

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The light is on, but nobody’s home
Valuable and practical
No fluff, no bluff

We keep it real by giving you nothing
but value
and authentic English

Thrive in under five

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Nothing beats the beats

Enjoy the sounds of NYC while
improving your English, and let the
vibes enrich
your learning experience.

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